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Knowing how much a yacht is worth is subjective. But what it should sell for is right in our wheelhouse.



Managing a yacht for charter is riddled with hard-to-navigate restrictions. The right management team is your map and compass to profitable ownership.



Having the right crew members can make you and your guests feel like they're a part of your family.



If you're looking for an unforgettable yacht charter experience, you need the right charter specialists trained to deliver the perfect fit tailored to you.



Owning a yacht wasn't meant to feel like taking on another profession. You need the right partner to help you manage the less glamorous sides of luxury yachting.



With proper training, good crew become great, and great become excellent, earning their keep exponentially with every happy guest review.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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In business for now 40 years, Crew Unlimited has become the first name in professional yacht crew placement. We have established a reputation in the industry for representing our crew and our clients fairly and honestly, while consistently delivering 5-star service. Our dedication and commitment to excellence, within a friendly and professional atmosphere, has allowed us to achieve a level of respect unsurpassed by our competitors.

We place Captains, Mates, Engineers, Chefs, Steward(esse)s, and Deckhands, as well as Estate and Villa Staff. Although there is a higher demand for experienced crew, we do place many entry level crew. Restaurant, hospitality, or mechanical background is helpful, and a flexible, positive attitude is a must. The positions are all paid positions, and usually require a minimum of 6 months to 1 year commitment. Most require you to live aboard and travel with the vessel, and you will most likely have to share a cabin with another crew member. Time off is usually 4 weeks paid per year, and you are paid your salary by wire transfer monthly. Generally the owners use the vessel about 1 week per month. The other weeks you are doing maintenance projects to ensure the vessel is 100% ready for guests. You are paid whether there are guests on board or not. If the vessel is a 'charter vessel' then when the owners are not using the yacht, other guests can pay a charter fee for the vessel and use it for 1 - 2 weeks at a time. Charter guests usually tip 10% - 20% of the charter fee to the crew, on top of your salary! These yachts are the toys and homes of the world's wealthiest business men and women. Obviously no pets, no overnight guests, no drugs, and no illegal activities will be permitted. Only responsible individuals who are clean cut, presentable, and well-spoken will succeed in this industry.

• Book on a newer yacht. To lower the risk of mechanical failure,charter yachts less than 10 years old, or which have had a complete refit within 5 years. • Consider the make/builder of the yacht, its quality of craftsmanship and machinery • Book yachts with experienced crew • Ask your broker whether they have inspected the yacht--smell, condition, condition of toys, reputation of the captain and crew, safety • Request recent charter references • Book a yacht in the professional fleet

While the crew are employed by the yacht owner and do earn a salary for their work, a working day from 7am until 1am, seven days in a row is 126 hours of work in a week! So, if your crew worked hard to show you a good time, and you in turn had a good time, then a gratuity will likely be expected, and will certainly be appreciated. In Europe, a good gratuity is around 10% - 15%, but in the Caribbean and US, it’s more like 15% - 20%. You can leave this with the Captain at the end of the trip and he will disburse to the crew, or you can send funds to your broker afterwards for onward transfer.

• Earn income / offset expenses • Keeping crew busy and stimulated = keeps them happy and loyal • Ability to earn tips makes it easier to get crew • Keeps the boat running well • Enjoy possible tax benefits from using the yacht as a business • Increase the resale value of the asset by marketing the yacht as a ‘going concern’ • Additional income allows owners to upgrade in vessel size, and larger yachts command a greater weekly charter rate, which means greater income potential

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